Katy & Mark are WW 2017-18 royalty

Debbie was awarded the Traveling Royalty Banner at the Royalty Luncheon, April 23, 2016. It is awarded annually to the royalty who have visited the most square dance events during his or her or their reign. 

Congratulations Barry and Jennifer!

Current and past WW queens and escorts attended the 2015 Royalty Luncheon.

Elaine and Joe won the Edith Beard Traveling Royalty Banner at the Royalty Luncheon, April 18, 2015.


Westonka Whirlers at the Royalty Luncheon, April 22, 2017.

Don, Jane, Kirsten and Debbie all have their names on the royalty banner. Congrats!

​Kirsten won it in 2007. Don & Jane won it in 2011. Elaine & Joe won it in 2015. Debbie and Fred won it in 2016.

Square dancing is filled with special events. Don't sit home.  Come learn to dance and

have fun with all of us!