Spares and Pairs retrieved their banner at the Sprosty Twins dance.

Ar-Dales retrieved their banner at the Sprosty Twins dance.

The Kings Club held its annual award program too.  All the kings had been very active dancers this season.   Most active:  third place to Willard Leinonen (126 events), second place to Barry Downs (254 events), and first to Clem Herman (317 events)!    Congratulations to all! 

We all had fun at the Hawaiian dance in Bloomington. 

County Line stole a banner at the Sprosty Twins dance.

We had lots of great dancing at the Mike Hogan dance February 12, 2017.

We had a great time at the SDM festival in St. Cloud, October 30.

You are special! Keep dancing!

WW enjoyed the Bryan Bush dance March 17.

We garnered a banner at the Dakota Squares dance.

We enjoyed the Square Dance Minnesota Festival in St. Cloud.

We danced with Gospel Plus in Hopkins.

Learning mainstream calls was a blast in May.

Scott Erickson, Jennifer Erickson, and Emily Erickson received their New-Dancer Graduate Awards and Barbara Chacko received her New-Dancer Graduate 2nd Award at the Westonka Whirlers “Intro to Square Dancing.”

We danced at Schumann Elementary in Orono. It was history day!

We garnered a banner at the Spares & Pairs' Rueter dance.

Cindy congratulated Ray on his 48 years of cueing.


Queens and escorts enjoyed the "royal affair.”  

We garnered a banner from Ar-dales 
at the Johansen dance.

We claimed a banner at a County Line Squares dance.

​​​​Want to go dancing?   2024 Square Dance Events are on